Ranch House Grill, Tampa, FL

Ranch House Grill on Urbanspoon

I was headed towards an Italian restaurant in south Tampa when I drove past Ranch House and diverted.

I got there around 1745 and left around 1850. I ordered a 14oz ribeye, and for my two sides I got spaghetti. The ribeye had a bit of charring on it, but it was medium like I asked. The steak was pretty tender and had good flavor. I cut the char off and left nothing else. The spaghetti marinara was quite chunky, and there wasn’t enough of it (there never is…), but I ate all of it, and it had pretty good flavor. My iced tea was good and kept refilled. Service was perfect; my server made several “silent” passes while I worked on my USA Today puzzle page, which I appreciated. I got a chocolate mousse for dessert; it was pretty good.

My check was $25.65. Would I return to Ranch House? If I was in south Tampa, and someone wanted steak, I wouldn’t mind going back again. OTOH, there are a lot of other restaurants to try in the area, so that would be my priority. So Ranch House was far from the worst food I have had, and there were some other interesting looking things on the menu.


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