Android and Location Funny

I got a Google Nexus tablet Friday. This is my first time playing with It for an extended time. I’m on the way to Yosemite via Fresno for a week of backpacking and hiking.

The tablet location service can’t decide whether the device GPS is correct, or whatever location information is coming from the airplane WiFi. It alternately shows the location as New Mexico or LaGGuardia field in New York.

One Response to “Android and Location Funny”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    Today’s note: I was flying DFW-IAD today, fired up the Nexus, and told it to “forget” GoGo inflight internet. The GPS almost immediately locked up and gave me a nice set of flight information (speed and location), but of course, no maps as the wifi was not connected. This is a bug for certain.

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