Curry Pavilion, Curry Village, Yosemite National Park, CA

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I ate here several times during my trip to Yosemite last week. All of the meals were decent.

A group of six of us ate dinner here last Saturday night after arriving in the Park. Dinner (as is breakfast) is a buffet. It’s pretty darn good. The main course for me was turkey with poultry gravy. There was also spaghetti and other things as well. There were roast potatoes, mixed veg, a taco bar, salad bar, etc etc etc. It was huge! Everything I got I liked. I would have liked to see some corn or peas and the like on there also.

Drinks were pretty good. They have all-you-can-drink milk, both whole and skim, it was cold cold cold (yea!) and they had big glasses to serve it in. They have Pepsi products and juice. They did not have iced tea (please add it!).

My check was about $16. Good value.

Our “room” (tent) in Curry Village came with the breakfast part of the buffet. A couple kinds of scrambled eggs, pancakes and french toast, excellent hash browns, biscuits and gravy, breakfast tacos and burritos, bacon, sausage, turkey bacon and turkey sausage, cereals, oatmeal, etc etc etc. This was a great buffet, and tasted great. They had the milk and juice, and also hot chocolate.

So overall, the Curry buffet is really a good value. My check for breakfast was $12.93. They don’t have cooked to order eggs or similar things, but OTOH they have more than 500 housing units to serve, which imposes a more generic menu. Still, add iced tea? But it’s good stuff.


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