Mountain Room Restaurant, Yosemite Lodge, Yosemite National Park, CA

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After getting off the trail from a five-day backpacking trip, and getting a quick shower at Curry Village, I wanted STEAK! We headed over to Mountain Room Restaurant, as I had eaten here several years ago. We got there around 1900, and had a 15 minute wait to be seated. We had seven.

I ordered a ceasar salad, a ribeye with a baked potato, and iced tea. The salad was very good, and I ate every scrap of it. Maybe it was partially because I was so hungry, but that steak was perfect. It was tender, had lots of flavor, and had little charring. I ate the entire baker as well, including the skin. The meal was started with some sourdough bread. My tea was kept refilled, and it was good in that it was brewed.

Service was very good, after a slow start (10 min to get drinks to the table) and a slow end (it took almost 30 minutes to get the checks separate). Drinks were kept refilled. I got some ice cream for dessert. My check was about $60. I would not eat at this place every evening, but it is very welcome coming off the trail.

I tried a good sized piece of Gayles pork chop. It was very good, tender and with good flavor.

BTW, this place has a mandatory extorted tip for parties greater than six. The restaurant is run by DNC under contract to the National Park Service, so they are essentially a contractor with a sole source contract who are not answerable to any regular person, and so are a monopoly.


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