Irene’s Cafe, Fresno, CA

Irene's Cafe on Urbanspoon

A great place for lunch! On our way to Yosemite, we met my friend Jim in Fresno, and he recommended Irene’s. We got there around 1500 and left about 1630.

I got a patty melt on rye. It was excellent. A half pound of very good beef, cooked medium well, with a nice crust on the burger. The onions were fried up to a perfect caramelization. The rye bread was nice. The meal came with a pile of very good fries.

The rest of the guys (there were eight of us total) got various things, and no one said the food was anything less than very good. My check was around $12. The iced tea was great and kept refilled. Service was pretty good and very friendly. We ate outside in front of the restaurant, which was nice (except for the beggar that hit us up from the sidewalk, but the restaurant staff shooed her off quickly).

So I was very happy with Irene’s. I get to Fresno regrettably infrequently, but I would like to go back to Irene’s again.


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