Iron Starr BBQ, Oklahoma City, OK

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I ate lunch at Iron Starr a long time ago, probably seven or more. We tried to eat dinner there a couple years ago, but it has a long wait. In mid-September, we needed to eat somewhere central to three places we needed to be, and I picked Iron Starr. Raegan and Erin met Ian and I; we had three cars.

We got there around 1730 and left close to 1900.

First: I do not like jalapeno cornbread. Iron Starr serves it. Ack.

Ian and I got iced tea, it was very good. Erin got watermelon sweet tea and pronounced it “meh”. Raegan got water.

The ribs were OK at best. I thought they were not terribly tasty. Ian did not eat all of his order. The brisket was pretty darn good, not fatty but moist and tender. It had decent smoke flavor. The pulled pork and turkey were both very good; the turkey in particular. It was smoky and tender and had a lot of flavor.

The mac and cheese and bbq beans were both very good. Raegan and Erin got okra – it was whole okra (instead of the usual sectioned okra), and it was very good.

The sauce was excellent, just the right touch of spicy, and it brought out the flavor of the meat. It was warm!

Service was pretty good. Our check was $65.75, which I think was not a bad value for the money. I would not mind eating here again.


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2 Responses to “Iron Starr BBQ, Oklahoma City, OK”

  1. A nony mouse Says:

    Grammar comment: ” Raegan and Erin met Ian and I”… *wrong*. “I”, in this case, is a subjective pronoun being used as an objective pronoun. Correct usage: Raegan and Erin met Ian and me. Acid test to determine which, I or me, is correct would be to drop the first object “Ian” and the conjunction “and”, which would leave ” Raegan and Erin met I”. Eewwww. “Raegan and Erin met me” makes much more sense–agree?

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