Cool Things From The Air, DFW-IAD 09 October 2012

I flew from OKC to DFW to IAD today. It was a clear day for a lot of the trip, and I saw some cool stuff.

This caught my attention pretty fast. It’s the White Bluff coal-fired power plant in Arkansas. According to Wikipedia, this has one of the tallest chimneys in the world, at 305 meters (1000 ft) high. The huge piles of coal around these plants are always very impressive.

That is the Arkansas River next to the plant.

Just to the south is another cool thing, the Pine Bluff Arsenal. Big, regular things on the ground grab my attention, especially when there are not any big cities around.

I think this is the chemical weapons destruction facility. According to the Army website, this facility is being shut down, as all of our chem weapons have been destroyed.

Looks like the admin area for the post.

As we flew along, I had a good view of Memphis. The pyramid was reflecting Sun very nicely.

We shortly got to Nashville. The first thing I saw was the airfield in the picture, but what I found interesting was the two groups of white buildings to the left of the field. Turns out they are prisons, with serious fences.

Farther along, this looked very familiar. It’s Opryland and the Grand Old Opry. I tried to go to a conference there a couple years ago, but a huge amount of rain in the Nashville area flooded this entire area, causing a lot of damage, and the conference to be canceled. Looks back in operation now.

This is just a random shot of somewhere in the Appalachians. The trees were turning, and the colors were changing from green to brown, orange, yellow, and red. It was really pretty.

That’s it!


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One Response to “Cool Things From The Air, DFW-IAD 09 October 2012”

  1. Mary Says:

    The things I miss when I don’t have a window seat! Very interesting.

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