Foster’s Grille, Herndon, VA

Foster's Grille on Urbanspoon

This place was really good! I picked it for a couple reasons: it was near my hotel and IAD (which I was flying into), and it was inexpensive. I got there around 1715 and left about 1800. My check was $19.22.

You order by marking a strip of paper ala Which Wich. I got a cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, and (a pleasant surprise) pickle relish. I upgraded from fries to onion rings. I also got an order of BBQ wings. The burger (advertised as a charburger) was EXCELLENT! A half pound of beef, thick, excellent flavor, a nice crust. That was fine beef. The mayo and lettuce was right on, and the pickle relish was a fine touch of flavor enhancement. The onion rings were OK at best, I think they were pre-fabbed. I’m getting fries next time.

The ten BBQ chicken wings – I had every intention of carrying them back to my room to have as a snack, but I ate them all at the restaurant. Wonderful, tender and plump. The BBQ coating was excellent.

I got iced tea, brewed and yummy. The staff was very friendly. This place is on my list for a visit to the DC area. Great stuff. And I need to try to fries.


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