Cool Things From The Air 22 and 29 September 2012

When I did my post on the trip to IAD, I remembered I had some cool shots while going to and from my Yosemite backpacking trip week before last.

This is downtown Fort Worth.

As we headed west, this enormous pattern was visible. It’s a firing range at Fort Bliss, TX.

We continued along for a bit without much interesting to see. Then these two towns. The reason they caught my eye was the tremendous relief of the red sandstone around them.

This is Sedona, AZ. We drove through Sedona a couple years ago on a big loop trip to Las Vegas.

This is the Village of Oak Creek, AZ.

This test track was very impressive. It is the Chrysler Proving Ground.

This is Laughlin, NV, and Bullhead City, AZ, with Lake Mohave in the background.

We continued over a lot of desert for a bit, then got over the high Mohave desert northeast of Los Angeles.

On an alluvial fan eroding from the San Gabrial Mountains. The mine is a cement plant operated by CalPortland.

There were two track ovals visible. One was close to Palmdale, the other off to the far NE. Lots of test tracks.

This is the Honda Proving Center of California. Wikipedia reports it is closed and for sale.

We got to FAT watching the Sierra off to the east. Saturday afternoon, we headed out from FAT back to DFW.

In the mountains between Bakersfield and Palmdale, I saw this facility. Turns out, it’s a California prison (I seem to see a lot of these things!).

I got a really good closeup of part of the wind farm.

This is another mine. I think this is the Soledad Mountain facility, which is being looked at for gold and silver.

I got another angle on Edwards Air Force Base.

We flew over the high Mohave area again. There were a couple airports in short order.

Lancaster, CA

This one is cool. It’s Air Force Plant 42, where the B-2 was built.

Northrop Grumman B-2 Plant (white building)

We continued east, flying in the general direction of Phoenix. I “waved” hello to my friends Keith and Ben as we flew over Phoenix.

Another prison! This is the Arizona State Prison complex.

Then there was this enormous mine. This is the ASARCO copper mine at Hayden, AZ. This place also produces sulfuric acid.

This is another example of a huge tail of pilings. I looked at the topo for the area, and the tailings are at least 120 ft thick!

And in Yet Another Example Of PRISONS, this is Fort Grant, which started life as a US Army post in 1860. This place is 35 miles away from the nearest town. If you get sent up the river there and escape, you’ve nothing but desert around you – good luck.

As we cruised east, this was the last interesting thing I saw. I think it is a solar photovoltaic (PV) array. I spent some time looking for where it is, but no luck so far. I think it is in the Deming, NM area. I will keep looking and update if I find it.

30 Nov 2012 update: I flew over this again DFW-SAN; it is just east of Chaparral, NM, just off US 54 about a mile north of the state line. Google and Bing overheads show an area under construction. There aren’t any references to verify it is a PV array. I’ll keep looking. Wonder if I can get Raegan to drive out there with me?

That’s it!


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2 Responses to “Cool Things From The Air 22 and 29 September 2012”

  1. Katariina Partala Says:

    Wow, this is really cool! 🙂

  2. daniel Says:

    the picture u took of the pv plant in chaparral nm is a 10mw solar farm that powers 2400 homes and will produce over 30,000 kw annually

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