Blue Ridge Grill, Leesburg, VA

Blue Ridge Grill on Urbanspoon

I drove past this place while coming back to my hotel after a great hike. It was a good choice. I got there about 1830 and left at 1940. It was pretty crowded as I got there; I had a 10-minute wait.

I got a ribeye, medium, with a baked potato, and iced tea. The tea had just a bit of coffee aftertaste, but I added some sugar and it was fine. The ribeye came fairly quickly. It was, as I verified, undercooked, and it was rare in the middle. I fiddled with the potato for a bit, and started in on the end of the steak. It was a darn fine steak. It had great flavor, was tender, and had not a bit of charring. After I let it rest, it came up to medium, and was wonderful. I took my time with that steak. The baker was good also; with an artery-hardening amount of butter, bacon, and cheese on it. It was tender and tasty also.

Service was pretty good, especially given how busy the place was. My check was $26.04, good value for a very good steak.


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