Leesburg Restaurant, Leesburg, VA

Leesburg Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I picked this restaurant from Google Maps, and it was a good choice. First of all, King Street is narrow and has little parking on the street anywhere near. I ended up parking in a city garage that is in the middle of the block that Leesburg Restaurant is on (you can park there for an hour free, and longer if you get a business to endorse the stub; Leesburg Restaurant does that).

I got there around 1300 and left at 1345. It was a great meal! I started with a cup of chili. It had no heat, but it had really good flavor. There were a few beans in it, but it was mostly meat. Good stuff. I got a patty melt. It came with chips. That was some fine beef! It smelled good, and tasted great. The meat had a good crust on it, fine texture, and was cooked a nice medium well, with lots of juice (but not too much!). The chips looked like they had been made there. The iced tea was excellent.

The people here were all super friendly! My check was $13.29. I would gladly eat here again.


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