Burrito Grill, Blanchard, OK

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I think I have never driven through Blanchard. Ian and I were coming back from Girl Scout camp, and had driven through Lindsay, and it was dinner time, so I looked through Google Maps, and picked Burrito Grill in Blanchardas I thought it was Tex-Mex. Turns out, it is very similar to Chipotle Grill.

Ian got three ground beef tacos, and liked them a lot. I got a burrito bowl. This was some white rice, black beans, double meat (ground beef and chicken), lettuce, seasoned potatoes (interesting, and a good addition), white shredded cheese, and salsa. I asked for the mild salsa on the burrito/bowl; it was great! I also asked for some of the medium on the side (extra charge!); it was excellent! I was also offered something different: ranch dressing or garden ranch dressing (garden ranch is ranch dressing, but the milk is replaced with the mild salsa). I opted for the garden salsa, and it added a nice extra flavor dimension to the meal. We got a side of chips and white queso. The queso was good but a bit bland; a mix of the medium salsa and the queso was excellent.

The place is a Pepsi place, so Ian got Dr Pepper. I got excellent sweet tea.

Overall, the meal was very good. The staff was extremely friendly and a pleasure. As with similar places, I recommend a warm yellow-cheese queso for the burritos to add a little binder to them. Our check was $20.75. If you are in Blanchard, it’s a great choice.


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One Response to “Burrito Grill, Blanchard, OK”

  1. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the review. It was honest and well thought out. Have a great day.

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