Railhead BBQ, Guthrie, OK

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Hmmm, I looked around, and didn’t see any train tracks near the restaurant. There are some cool pictures of trains and the like on the walls, though.

We got here for dinner around 1900, and left at 2014.

Raegan got the 8-piece fried chicken. That was some fine fried chicken, some of the best I’ve ever had. Crispy, not greasy, but nicely moist, even in the thick breast pieces. Great stuff. There are no fried chicken dinners, though! Raegan put together an a la carte meal with a couple of sides of okra and corn on the cob. She remarked that the okra looked and tasted like it was breaded and fried right there. It was good. She also got blackberry cobbler (with ice cream) and liked it.

Erin got smoked turkey and fries, but didn’t eat much of it. I don’t think she was very hungry.

Ian got a three-rib dinner. I had a piece of the rib meat and it was pretty darn good, very much falling off the bone with little encouragement. Decent flavor and most of the ribs were crusted. I’d give them an 8 out of JTs.

I got a large brisket dinner. The brisket was pretty greasy, but didn’t have a lot of smoky flavor. It was tender, though. I got potato slices and baked beans for sides, and they were pretty good. The potato wedges (which were really full sized potatoes sliced longwise about a half inch thick, then deep fried) were unique and very good. I had peach cobbler, and while it was good, the peaches could have been cooked a little longer.

The tea was good, the service was decent but occasionally infrequent. The place was not crowded while we were there. Our check was $60.87. A bit high, but we did get an entire chicken, and desserts.

Our server told us that people say the fried chicken is as good as Eichens. No, it’s better, much better.


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