A Good Reason To Visit Sonic Drive Ins

Sonic Drive-in on Urbanspoon

I’ve written before about how I used to really enjoy the cheeseburgers at Sonic. The quality of those burgers has nosedived in the past several years. It is even so with this location. When it was located about a mile to the west at 63rd and Kelley, they had a cheeseburger that was to die for, and the staff was the fastest and friendliest around. After moving, something changed. The burgers, to be blunt, sucked, and while the staff is still pretty friendly, it’s slow service, and inaccurate as well. Their coneys also had a bit of a slip in that I used to get the standard sized chili cheese dog often, but for reasons unknown they ditched the standard size for foot longs only; that’s just a bit too much. We still stop here fairly frequently for a couple reasons: it’s on the way between the house and where we hang out in the central and northwest city area, and it’s a convenient place to meet people.

Last week, we had a really busy evening, with the four of us having to be three different places. After a coordination handover, Erin and I stopped at Sonic to get some popcorn chicken. I tried some on Erins recommendation, and it was great stuff! Hot, tender, and tasty, and a good value to boot. I had some good sweet tea with mine. Unfortunately, Erins was messed up a bit in that the sauces she requested were not done right.

So I have a reason to hit Sonic again for food. The popcorn chicken is just right for a lightish meal, and the price is right. My check was $6.91.



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