Cool Things From The Air, DFW-SMF, 22 Oct 2012

I flew OKC-DFW-SMF today. I saw a couple cool things from the air.

First was this facility. I have spent an hour this evening trying to find it. There is a wind farm just to the northeast.

I’ll keep looking. Update, 27 Oct 2012: I kept looking! I was flying LAX-OKC Thursday afternoon, and saw this facility again, just east of Amarillo. It’s the Pantex plant where US nuclear weapons are maintained and decommissioned. The main part of the facility is towards the bottom of the photo. The place is surrounded by bunkers; the two square plots towards the top of the picture are examples. Google Maps and Bing both have very detailed overheads, and the place is surrounded by serious fences, has guard towers, and lots of hedgehogs for vehicle denial.

This was super cool. I was watching as the mountains drew near. I thought that we were closer to Albuquerque, and that the mountains off to the north was the Pecos Wilderness. I suddenly realized that right below me was the Wilderness and where we hiked!

This view is after we had passed the Wilderness.

This is Angel Fire Valley, with the western part of Philmont Scout Ranch. Baldy is just to the left of center.

I put all the photos of this area on my Google+ site.

This very pretty area is part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in southeastern Utah.

A bit farther on, this very recognizable feature is part of Capitol Reef National Park.

I’ve seen these irrigated areas several times over the years. The number of irrigated circles changes over time (maybe with how much water is available year to year?). I think that this is the Diamond A Ranch in Nevada.

Finally, I saw this mine complex. It is the former Anaconda Copper Mine at Yerington, NV. It went through a number of owners for over a hundred years, and was abandoned in 2000, and is now a Superfund Site.

That’s it!

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