Bistro 33, El Dorado Hills, CA

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We ate as a largish group (about 18) here Tuesday evening. It was an uneven experience. We got there at 1800; the tables for our group were still being put together. It took about 15 min.

I started the meal off with a glass of wine and a glass of iced tea. The wine was a “7 Deadly Zin”. It was a lot stronger than any Zinfandel I’ve had. I also got a bowl of clam chowder. It was not bad at all.

My main meal was a 14 oz strip steak. On the menu, it was labeled as “sterling silver premium beef”. The steak was $34. How was it? Average. There was bit of charring on the steak that I cut off. The beef was not terribly overly flavorable. It was tender enough. It was about a six out of ten. My side was scalloped potatoes; decent.

We left at 2000. It took a long time to get our checks paid. Service was OK. Our server had us, and it looked like three other tables as well. My check was $64.69. Kind of expensive, but that includes a $9.00 glass of wine, and a $9.30 extorted tip. I don’t know that I will be back. The food wasn’t worth a single meal north of $50.00. The staff was super friendly, but that’s not an adequate offset to the merely-OK food.


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