Ann’s Chicken Fry House, Oklahoma City, OK

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Raegan and I ate at Ann’s many years ago; it was when restaurants were 100% smoking, and we never went back. I’m always up for a CFS, though, and I noted that Ann’s does fried chicken as well, but only Friday and Saturday. So last night, we needed to find someplace to have dinner that was close to school, since we were going to the Fall Carnival afterward, and I decided we would try Ann’s again.

First thing we see is the “Cash Only” signs. I just don’t think places that don’t take plastic really want business. Frankly, I’m willing to oblige that, but I’m usually going to try the place once. Raegan and the kids went in and started our order, and I drove across 39th to an ATM and scored some cash.

Ian and I got CFS, Erin got a bowl of chili, and Raegan got the fried chicken. All of us but Erin got a salad, which consisted of iceberg lettuce, and a garlic ranch dressing (that was serviced in such small quantity that I had to ask for more). The dressing had so much garlic that I’m certain that Dracula would keel over if he bit one of us. My summary of all these meals is… “meh”. The CFS was tender enough (the gravy was better than average), but it had little flavor. The chili had zero heat, and not much flavor. The fried chicken had a lot of stringy meat, had been fried a touch too long, and was short flavor. In short, not a bad meal, but not a good one, either. I got mashers and pintos as my sides. Meh. Ian got mashers and corn, he liked it. Raegan got mashers and okra, and said they were OK. The tea was OK.

If you know me, you know I can put some food away. I didn’t finish my CFS here. I also had some of Erin’s chili, and one of the pieces of chicken Raegan ordered. I didn’t finish those, either. I just didn’t have any motivation, flavor-wise.

Our table was borderline uncomfortable to sit at; Ian and I were so close that we were mashing elbows. Service was pretty good. The meal was just boring. There was a distinct lack of flavor. So my recommendation is to avoid Ann’s. There are far better CFS to be had in the area, and they actually want customers. Our meal was around $46.00.


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One Response to “Ann’s Chicken Fry House, Oklahoma City, OK”

  1. Wimpy Says:

    They don’t like debit/credit cards because it takes 5% right off the top of their profit, I don’t blame them one bit use money!

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