Benghazi and Obama

Facebook is a good reflection of the mood of a group of people, I think.

It’s got one block of conservative opinion right now that us positively poisonous.  I’m seeing a number of posts, which are cookie-cutter reposts, that excoriate President Obama for the situation in Benghazi during the attack on our facility there.

Only a fool would believe that the President can control events anywhere in the world.  Yet there is a claim that is reposted time and again that Obama should have anticipated and headed off the attack.  Rubbish.  Ever more scurrilous screeds claim that Obama was watching the attack in real time from a drone.  No proof of that is ever produced (SecDef said that’s not true, on CNN).  There are claims made that one if the security officers there was ordered to not defend the place.  No proof again.  It’s disgusting that people who hate Obama would use the bravery of that man, combined with a lie.  There were posts today that Obama was wrong to cancel campaign appearances today due to Hurricane Sandy, and didn’t while the Benghazi attack was going on. I’ve read one deranged guy who thinks that Obama actually ordered the attack.

I think that this crazed talk is being spewed for one reason:  conservatives have NOTHING else.  Their national campaign is based on a combination of lies and vague promises. 

30 October 2012, 2022 update:

There is another round of criticism going on now. The claim is that Obama stopped campaigning for Hurricane Sandy, but didn’t care enough about the four slain State Department people to stop campaigning. So I have to ask those people: you claim to care about the four Americans killed, based on the “fact” that Obama is lying about what happened and what was not done. But let me ask you this: It is indisputable that the Bush Administration was completely wrong about the several reasons that were given for invading Iraq (WMD for one); investigation has shown that it is extereme likely that the Bush Administration knew there were no WMD. If that’s the case, the Bush Administration LIED about going to war there, and it cost THOUSANDS of AMERICAN lives! Where is your outrage about THAT? Oh, it was a Republican then, so that made it OK? Hypocritical. Oh, and all that debt you think Obama piled up? The war in Iraq was not paid for either; it was put on the national debt. Where is your outrage about that also? How many wars has Obama put on the national credit card? The hatred directed towards Barack Obama is totally unjustified, and hypocritical to boot.


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