SCOTUS And Oklahoma “Personhood”

The SCOTUS let stand the Oklahoma Supreme Court invalidation of the Oklahoma “Personhood” law, which would have granted a fertilized human egg the full rights of a newborn baby.

I’m glad the court made that decision.

This law, of course, was a backdoor way to ban abortion.  It was an effort by no-compromise anti-abortion people.

It is not reasonable to say life begins at conception.  I think that reasonable people could find a point, between the detection of organized brain activity, and a point where a fetus could survive outside the mother, taking into account the health of the mother, after which abortion could be prohibited.

Elective abortion due to rape or incest must be allowed.

So there has to be compromise on this issue between the ban always forces, and the right up to the moment of labor forces.  I’m not confident that will happen any time soon.

But I am glad the SCOTUS was reasonable in this case.


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