Custino’s Italian Kitchen, Oklahoma City, OK

Custino's Italian Kitchen on Urbanspoon

This place is really in the Village, I think, but whatever. My friend Mark recommended it to me, and it was a good recommendation. We ate there last Tuesday evening after watching Erins friend Olivia act in a play. We got there at 1900 and left about 2000. Erin and I got the fettuccine and chicken al fredo. It was excellent! The al fredo was not heavy like some places make, which was nice, and the chicken was sauteed (BTHOO grilled) and very tasty, and the noodles were perfect. Raegan got cheese ravioli and liked them, taking the extra home. Ian got chicken parm. I also got a spaghetti and meat balls for home (never mind that I ate 70% of it in the restaurant 🙂 ). The marinara was a little sweet for my taste, but it was still very good. The meat balls were also great!

A great meal, and a great value! Our check was 44.43, for five entrees. I’m already looking forward to going back.


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