Ted’s Grill, Midwest City, OK

Ted's Grill on Urbanspoon

I had to visit the Tinker Tag Agency to get my annual car tag, and Ted’s was right next door in the former Monroe’s Grill location. I decided to give it a try. Ted’s has a mix of American (burgers) and Chinese (fried rice). I ordered chicken fried rice and iced tea. The meal came with egg drop soup that was EXCELLENT. I would go into Ted’s on a cold day and get three bowls of that stuff, it was wonderful! The fried rice came with an egg roll. I’m not a huge fan of egg rolls, but this one was very good. The fried rice was a huge plate of food. My biggest problem with fried rice is that it gets cooked to dry. This wasn’t a problem here, it was just moist enough, and had really good flavor, with lots of tender chicken. The only thing I could count down was the four pieces of green bell pepper. I will know to ask that it not be added next time. The iced tea (both sweet and standard) was serve yourself and very good.

My check was something like $10 (I can’t find the receipt). They have free wifi that is fast and open. The place was bright and clean and very friendly. I look forward to going back and trying a steakburger! And some more fried rice. This place has real potential.


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