Connected Cactus, Doubletree Hotel, Richardson, TX

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I had dinner at the Connected Cactus (kind of a silly name) Wednesday evening. I had been out looking at TVs we might buy, and decided to just eat at the hotel. This is my fourth visit to the DoubleTree, and I’ve eaten about 10 breakfasts here that were pretty good.

The breakfast has both a buffet line and a cooked-to-order area for omelets. I have to say, the scrambled eggs on the buffet are so good I have only had the omelet twice. Light and fluffy, and moist, the scramblers are excellent. Unfortunately, the breakfast potatoes are contaminated with bell peppers (so many that they permeate the potatoes). The meats (bacon, sausage, etc.) are all very good, and the bread items are diverse. Milk in cartons (four kinds, whole, 2%, skim, and chocolate) and juices round it out. It’s good value for that buffet.

I had a double bacon cheeseburger for dinner Wednesday evening. It was pretty much a perfect burger, cooked medium well and perfectly juicy, nice crust, great flavor. It came with decent fries. I didn’t like the iced tea; it was concentrate or something that didn’t taste fresh brewed. I asked for Coke instead, and was presented with a glass of ice and a couple cans. It was better than the tea.

Service is always pretty good. My check for the cheeseburger dinner was $15.10, not bad given it was in a hotel. The breakfasts are $10.95.


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