Jason’s Deli, Oklahoma City (NW Expressway), OK

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Raegan and Erin and I had dinner here last night after working at school for a couple hours. Erin had a baked potato and a cup of Texas chili, Raegan had a turkey croissant, and I had a combo of half a turkey deluxe on a croissant and a bowl of beef stew. All of this was excellent. I ate the last couple bites of Erins chili; that is good stuff. I enjoyed my sandwich, but I LOVE that beef stew. The only thing I can count the stew down on is the bell peppers they add. Beef stew is about beef and vegetables in a rich broth; the peppers detract from the properly rich flavor of the pure stew. I don’t know why so many food outlets insist on bell peppers in stuff. At least the peppers in the stew here are minimal. I would like them *gone*.

We left at 2000. Our check was $32.32. I had a conversation with the manager on the way out about the stew, specifically how I wished that it didn’t have bell peppers in it. In a friendly back-and-forth, he likes the bell peppers in the stew, and we had a good conversation about uniformity for chain restaurants.


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One Response to “Jason’s Deli, Oklahoma City (NW Expressway), OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    Bell peppers are *not* food objects, and should not be within 200 yards of a kitchen. Vile they are.

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