The Garage, Edmond, OK

The Garage on Urbanspoon

We’ve passed The Garage several times since it opened. We decided to try it for late lunch this afternoon. We got there just before the OSU-OU Bedlam game started, so it was LOUD in there.

Raegan got a fish sandwich, while the kids and I got cheeseburgers. We also got some beef nachos (hold the jalapenos!) that were excellent! My sandwich was a “Big G”, a double, which one of the patties cooked onion burger style. I didn’t think the onions were well cooked, so I took them off after a couple bites. But the beef was very good and cooked very well. I also took the center bun off mine. Pretty much a very good burger. They offered BBQ sauce as an option for the homecut fries, which was nice. Raegan got sweet potato fries with hers. The iced tea was pretty good.

We got there around 1425 and left about 1530. Our check was $52.28. Decent place, I wouldn’t mind going there again.


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