Square 1 Burgers, Tampa, FL

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This was a great find! I wanted a quick dinner after a long day at work, and Square 1 fit the bill. I got there about 1945, and left about 2045.

First thing I noticed, a lot of references OU-related. “Boomer Sooner” something, and “Sooner Sauce” (more on this later). The owner is from Norman originally, and is an OU fan. He makes good burgers, regardless.

I ordered an Angus All American Double – basically a double meat cheeseburger, medium well. I had them delete the tomato and red onion. That was one damn fine cheeseburger. Great flavor, excellent crust, and cooked just as I asked. The burger self-destructed as I ate it, and I finished about half of it with a fork. I have to say that burger is in my top 10 cheeseburgers of all time. Really good.

I also got onion rings. PERFECT. Cooked to perfection, great breading, sweet onion, absolutely yummy. They came with “Sooner Sauce”, which is chipotle ranch dressing. The dressing was very tangy, and had a bit of bite when first eaten, that went away before the next bite. I liked that stuff.

I think the tea was Gold Coast; it had a slightly odd aftertaste. It wasn’t too bad. I also got a vanilla milkshake for dessert.

All in all, an excellent meal. My check was $24.33. Maybe a bit expensive, but that was a wonderful burger. Service was prompt and very friendly. I like this place! Recommended.


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