BBQ Republic, San Diego, CA

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I’ve been to the shopping center BBQ Republic is in several times, and it also has a dog park in the SE corner that is a trailhead for a nearby hiking destination. After an almost-five-miler, I wanted dinner, and BBQ is always a good thing.

I got the two meat combo with a quarter chicken and sliced brisket. It was excellent! The brisket was tender and had great beef flavor. The chicken was well smoked, had great flavor, and was moist all the way through. Great stuff. The meal came with some OK mac and cheese, and a good piece of cornbread (no jalapenos!). They have *very* good iced tea was well (both sweet and straight). The staff was super nice.

I got there around 1650 and left about 45 minutes later. My check was $17.22. A bit expensive, but I think it’s the best BBQ I’ve had in the San Diego area.


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