Lorna’s Italian Kitchen, San Diego, CA

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I have noted Lorna’s a couple times driving around north San Diego, and this evening decided to give it a try. I got there around 1800 and left around 1920. It was almost empty when I got there, and full when I left. They put me at a two-top on the north wall. This is a bad table, be warned. They seem to do as much or more takeaway business, and numerous times I had the line waiting to pick up their to-gos bumping up against my table.

I got chicken fettuccine al fredo. It was, first of all, a HUGE amount of food. Probably enough for both Raegan and I to eat. There was crusty bread to start. They have balsamic vinegar and oil on the table, and they brought me some meat sauce to dip the bread in (good stuff, BTW).

The main dish was decent. There were probably three chicken breasts in that meal. The chicken was tender and tasty (but in huge chunks), and the noodles were perfect. The al fredo was OK at best. It was not terribly rich; I couldn’t taste the butter and cream that are supposed to be in there. I ate all of it (a feat, let me tell you!). If I get the opportunity to go back, I might try something else, although I could eat the CFAF again if put to it.

Service was good. My check was $20.47.


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