Charleston’s, Oklahoma City, OK (Meridian Avenue)

Charleston's (Meridian Avenue) on Urbanspoon

We had early dinner here last Saturday, after the family picked me up from the airport.

We’ve been eating at Charleston’s for a long time, all the way back to the mid-80s. They use to have some of the best steaks around, and a wonderful BBQ chicken. Both of those disappeared for some reason, and we stopped going to Charlestons regularly. We go every once in a while still.

This time, we all started with the wonderful baked potato soup. We got a house salad (with the outstanding creamy garlic dressing), a CFS, baby back ribs, and a platter of chicken strips. The salad and strips were great. The CFS was a bit too peppery, and a bit tough. The baby backs were OK. We got some extra croissants, which are great.

Service was very good, as is typical. The tea is great and kept refilled. We got there around 1630 and left about 1730. Our check was $97.54, kind of expensive. The soup was $12.00 of that, and the baby backs $19. I don’t think the baby backs were worth that price.


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