Walking Around Downtown Tampa

I’m in Tampa, FL. I finished the work day at 1830 and needed dinner, but I didn’t want too much. I had noticed a Five Guys about a half mile north of me (I’m in an Embassy Suites south of downtown), and I decided to walk there.

I walked up there along one set of roads, and walked back along a second. It was a wonderful walk!

Downtown Tampa is a jewel. It’s clean. There is a nice pedestrian area that used to be a road; it has running water, places to sit for lunch, and trees and arbors for cover. There were hundreds of people walking around. There were many restaurants, bookstores, and other stores open. Lots of people were walking their dogs.

I didn’t get hit up by a single panhandler. The architecture of the buildings was really nice to see. The streets had plenty of crosswalks, and every one of them I saw had protected walk signs. At a park near the Five Guys, an ice skating rink was operating, very cool.

This is a nice downtown. I think that the Tampa downtown is a model for others to emulate. I’ve been to the Tampa area literally dozens of times. 99% of my time has been spent on the St. Petersburg peninsula, and I generally cross the bay to the Westshore area near the airport for my flight the next day. I think I would rather spend those evenings in the downtown area from now on.


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