“Gun Control”, A Couple Thoughts

There has obviously been a lot of talk about guns this past week after the horrible killings in Newtown.

I don’t think “gun control” can be terribly effective. There are already millions of “assault weapons” already in circulation. Banning any more sales of them, even if they can be defined as such legally, would prevent few events like Newtown.

Better screening of gun purchasers may not be effective either. It’s been reported that the Newtown criminal took weapons legally owned by his mother. Maybe she should have had them locked up.

Many of the mass killings over the past decade have been done with handguns. No mention of controlling handgun purchases has been made that I have heard from.

It has been reported that the US will not allow pyschiatric records to be added to the gun purchaser background check system. I have not verified this, but it seems like this would be a major disconnect.

It was reported on NPR today (“Fresh Air”) that the BATF is enjoined by law from releasing records they have been collecting for years that correlate gun type with crimes committed. This was supposedly done at the behest of the NRA. If true, to me it’s indirect evidence that the NRA can’t stand the answers to questions that haven’t been asked. In a related vein, it was also reported the Centers for Disease Control are prevented by law from any research related to firearms, for much the same reason. To me, using law to prevent research or data collection on a right that is part of the Bill of Rights is wrong – what about collecting research about the 1st Amendment, like how many people actually go to church? If gun rights supporters are trying to block that sort of stuff, then they probably think the data would look bad for them.


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