Golden Corral, Oklahoma City, OK (Warr Acres)

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill on Urbanspoon

We used to eat the Golden Corral what was on May Avenue, but it was closed and replaced with this location a couple years ago. Since we don’t go out on NWX very often, it limits the opportunities. This evening, the first three (!) restaurants we tried were closed due to New Years Day, so we decided to hit GC.

It was a mixed experience. I don’t like their “steak” to begin with; it’s a cheap roast cut. There is usually a lot on the buffet that is good. Today, not so much. Now, it was very busy. They could not keep fried chicken on the line. They ran out of the slider burgers repeatedly. Even the usually very good pot roast was in short supply. I didn’t like the looks of the tex-mex taco stuff. Everyone ate their fill. I usually don’t get dessert, but wanted some today, but the desserts were pretty much stripped bare; I ended up with some banana pudding.

The iced tea was kept fairly filled, which was nice. Our check was $46.35, which I would say isn’t bad for a buffet, except in this case there were some lacks. We got there around 1545 and left around 1645. It was very crowded.


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