Rudy’s BBQ, Oklahoma City, OK

Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

I didn’t even know that a Rudy’s was coming to north OKC. Raegan and I ate dinner here last night. Rudy’s is different a bit in that the meals are ala carte. I got a half pound of moist brisket, and she got a half pound of turkey. The brisket was excellent, just a bit fatty, tender, and nicely smoky. The turkey was a bit bland, and had a distinct black pepper taste. We got some creamed corn (decent) and pinto beans (decent). The tea was excellent. It was a LOT of food.

The one thing about Rudy’s is the sauce. The Sissy Sauce is bland, very bland. The mild sauce has a bit of a not-entirely-pleasant aftertaste to it. The hot sauce is stupidly, taste-destroying hot. I blended the mild and Sissy and got a decent flavor, although it still had the aftertaste.

Our check was $28.11. Quite a bit for two, too much food for two to eat, but probably better for the four of us. I’m glad Rudy’s is in north OKC. Between JT’s, Earls, Billy Sims, and Rudy’s, we are in good shape in OKC, BBQ-wise.


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