I’m Amazed At The Credulity Of Some People

In the post-election time, and especially since Sandy Hook, there has been an outpouring of what I can only call gun nuttery.

People post and repost stuff that is demonstrably untrue.  They delight in posting straw-man comparisons that show how guns are misunderstood.

The most ridiculous posts are the “Obama as Hitler” memes.

I’m just amazed at the number of people I thought were intelligent, who apparently are not.

2 Responses to “I’m Amazed At The Credulity Of Some People”

  1. Harold Penner Says:

    I like people who write and use words I have to look up or google. It helps me use my head for more than a hat rack. You qualify (memes). Now, I know and will use correctly. Thanks (and I agree with you too) Harold

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  2. Tom Says:

    I have to agree with your observation, but probably not for the same reasons. “Obama as Hitler” is, indeed, downright silly. Among other things, Hitler was elected by a much larger majority. On the other hand, the Nazi Party never banned guns or confiscated them, except from certain groups, who were not considered German (such as Jews). It is, however, important to note that Kristalnacht was preceded by gun confiscation in the target area.

    I find it equally silly that those who would confiscate (yes, confiscate – the word has been used a lot recently by certain anti-gunners, Diane Feinstein in particular) firearms that look like military firearms. (Meaning, for the uninitiated, AR-15s and semi-auto AK variants). There does seem to be a conscious effort to convince the unknowing public that semi-automatic means machine gun, which it clearly does not. The addition of a pistol grip or a large magazine or a flash suppressor does not convert your basic semi-auto hunting rifle to an assault weapon, except in the deluded minds of hysterical politicians.

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