Gerrymandering Is Alive And Well, And Disgusting

There has been a lot of reporting about gerrymandering, in every single case by Republicans, over the past couple election cycles. The Virgina Senate is trying it again right now.

I’ve proposed before that redistricting should be a purely mechanical process. For example, if your state gets six Representatives, then draw three horizontal and two vertical lines across the state, and move them up and down until the population in each is about equal.

There are a number of other ways to redistrict that are equally valid, and would eliminate gerrymanders. Redistricting should never be a political sport.

One Response to “Gerrymandering Is Alive And Well, And Disgusting”

  1. Tom Says:

    Gerrymandering is an interesting problem. Both parties complain about it when they don’t like the results, but never when they do like the results. The feds have used it to “even out” representation of “underrepresented groups”.

    I’m with you, there needs to be a way to do this that is consistent and does not pay attention to who is in each district. Unfortunately, such a technique would be illegal due to previous court decisions that have taken exactly the opposite approach.

    Redistricting has been political sport since 1812 when this started. It’s going to be difficult to change without making political parties illegal.

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