Burgerocity, Folsom, CA

Burgerocity on Urbanspoon

I’m started to get some catch-up blogging done after a bit of a hiatus due to work and house stuff.

This evening I decided to try Burgerocity for two reasons: it’s on the parking lot my hotel is on, and I like cheeseburgers.

I got the Big Heffer with bacon. The Big is two 3-oz patties. I got it with mayo and pickles, fries on the side. I asked for small sides of BBQ sauce and mayo, which made for a very nice fry sauce.

The burger was better than average. It had a nice crust, decent flavor, and good texture. The extra stuff (bun, cheese, toppings) were very good complements to the beef. The fries were pretty good also, just the right thickness and cooked to just the right crispiness.

One downer: they had one of the concentrate machines for tea that had both Fuse and Gold Peak. Restauranters: PLEASE just brew tea fresh on-site! Please!

The Coke was OK. My check was $11.85. I would gladly eat at Burgerocity again.


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