Lucille’s, Mulhall, OK

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Oh my, this was a great find. Raegan and Erin and I decided to take a mini-roadtrip last Saturday for dinner. I chose Lucille’s more or less at random. We got there around 1600 and left about an hour later.

I got a chicken fried steak, Raegan got fried chicken, and Erin got chicken strips. All of this was uniformly EXCELLENT.

My last couple fried chicken experiences have not been good. This one was excellent. It was a four-piece, and I got one of the breast pieces. Simply outstanding. A large piece, the breading was perfect, the meat was moist and tender all the way through. Great stuff. She got green beans, they came with onion and bacon, yum! Erins chicken strips were also great.

That chicken fried steak… it was a 10. Out of 10. Breading was thin and tasty, and the beef was highly flavorable. The beef was fairly thick, and it was fork tender all the way. The gravy was very good. I got mashers with it, they were OK. That was the best CFS I’ve had in a long time. It was worth the drive.

In fact, the chicken and the CFS were worth the drive. We got some chocolate pie, it was pretty darn good. The iced tea was excellent. Service was just attentive enough. Our check was $59.24. Great value for the outstanding flavor of the food. I already look forward to going back.


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