Texas Roadhouse, Oklahoma City, OK

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A group of work associates of mine had dinner last Tuesday at the Texas Roadhouse near Crossroads Mall in south OKC.

I was not terribly enthusiastic about this. I have been to three other Texas Roadhouse locations over the years (Shreveport, LA, and two locations in Texas), and in each case, the steaks were all uniformly charred. The manager of the Shreveport location told me when I asked that the serious charring was company policy. My plan for the evening was something non-steak, like CFS. So as we waited for our table (we had a group of 10), I looked at steaks being taken to tables, and not one of them was charred. They looked like I expected a steak to look.

I decided to take a chance and ordered a ribeye. I also ordered some fried pickles and onion rings for the table. These were really good. I especially liked the ranch dressing that came with the appetizers. They also have really good rolls, with some flavored butter.

For my sides, I had some chili and baked potato. These were really good. The chili had steak chunks in it, and had just the right amount of spice. The steak was a pleasant surprise. I had asked for it medium, but it came medium rare+. I focused on the baked potato, and the steak finished cooking and firmed up. It was a decent steak. It was not exactly bursting with flavor, but was tasty. It was tender, and juicy all the way through. Not a bit of steak, potato, or chili survived.

The tea was excellent. Service was very good (especially given that we had a table of 10, and the restaurant was very crowded). We did have an extorted 13.82723455% tip included (why not 14%?), but I sweetened that somewhat.

I have avoided Texas Roadhouse locations over the years. I think that Logan’s or Longhorn steaks are better than the steak I got at TR, but I am willing to try TR again to check the consistency of the beef. The overall experience was very good.

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