Harrisons Chicken House, Guthrie, OK

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A week ago Friday, Raegan said that she wanted fried chicken. I took a quick Google around and found Harrisons House, so off we went. Harrisons reminds me a lot of Chubbys chicken in NW OKC. The use of butcher paper as a plate, plastic ware, whole chickens cut up and deep fried, and other items are very similar between the two.

We ordered two whole chickens, okra, the wavy spud (which is basically a mess of potato chips), some corn on the cob, and some fried pickles.

I really liked the pickles, and the wavy spud.

First, the tea was terrible. I asked for some Coke; it’s in cans, and it’s a buck a can (you can buy the stuff for $0.25 at Sams, I imagine it’s less than that in bulk for a restaurant) (even better, why not put in a soda machine?).

I asked for some ranch dressing to dip the wavy spud and fried pickles into. It was brought in a pair of plastic tubs (as in a single sealed serving size), and I was charged a buck for the stuff. And it was terrible.

The food arrived quickly enough. The chicken pieces were very small. I started with a thigh, and I was not impressed with the taste; it was off in some way. I pressed on to a wing, OK. I got a breast, not good at all. Little flavor, and it was dry in the middle. The chicken was also quite stringy and tough in places. I tried a piece out of the other basket, and it was the same. We didn’t even take the leftovers home.

So I have to compare. The next night, we went to Lucille’s. That was good chicken – plump and juicy all the way through, tender and flavorful.

Now that I am writing, I see a charge for $2 for something. I don’t know if it was for the corn or the pickles, but one of the two I got for free. I’m not unhappy about this, since they made a lot of money on cans of Coke and terrible ranch dressing. Regardless, our check was $37.98. I don’t think it was good value, since the meal wasn’t good. Service was very friendly, but that doesn’t make up for poor quality. I will not be back.


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