Pelican’s, Midwest City, OK

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Pelican’s has been in MWC I think ever since I started working at Tinker in 1984. I went there several times in the 80s, but haven’t been there since I had a business meeting there in 1995.

A week ago Thursday (17 Jan) I worked a bit late, and Raegan and the kids drove to MWC to meet me for dinner. We were going to eat at Murphy’s on Air Depot, but I hadn’t realized they close at 1400, so instead I suggested Pelican’s. We got there around 1845.

Raegan started with French Onion Soup. She said it was good, but too much black pepper in it. She also got a shrimp cocktail, and liked it.

She and I visited the salad bar. It was smallish. The chilled plate holder had just been filled up with freshly washed, and HOT, salad plates. I really liked the ranch dressing.

Ian and I got CFS, Raegan got crab fettuccine with clam chowder on the side, and Erin got a baker. I liked my CFS (gave it an 8.5/10), but Ian didn’t. Raegan thought her crab fettuccine tasted overly fishy, and her chowder was bland but overly peppered. Erin ate all of her baked potato, between texts.

So a mixed bag. I liked my meal just fine, but the other entree-eaters didn’t so much. Service was really good. The iced tea was excellent. Our check was $58.95. I wouldn’t mind going back.

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