Pioneer Pies, Oklahoma City, OK

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We used to eat at Pioneer Pies a lot. When we lived in NW OKC, a location right on NWX was convenient, and after we moved to the east side, the location on Hefner was sort of convenient. Eventually both locations closed. I noticed the location on I-240 in December, and we decided to eat dinner there 03 January. It was not a very good experience.

First of all, I asked what was in the chili. The first response was jalapenos. Not a good start. I got some onion rings instead. They were quite undercooked.

Dinner was no improvement. Erin got a bowl of potato soup. It was exceedingly thick and bland. Neither of us liked it. Ian had the chicken fried steak. The breading was amazingly thick; it was 3x thicker than the beef. The beef had little flavor and was very tough. He didn’t finish it, and I didn’t either. Raegan had the chicken fried chicken. It was better than the CFS, but not much; it suffered from the same thick breading, but was at least tender. I got a bowl of beef stew. It was full of chopped-up bell peppers that destroyed what taste the beef stew had.

An Open Letter To Restaurants That Serve Beef Stew (that includes Jason’s Deli):

Please do not put bell peppers in beef stew! Bell peppers are pungent and destroy the subtle flavor of a good stew. Many people do not like them. I think that bell peppers are mainly used to cover up food that is bland, but a good stew stands on its own.

Thank you.

Back to Pioneer Pies. We ended up the meal with some pie that was OK.

I don’t think I will go back ever. The more I think about it, the more I believe this was a terrible meal. Service was very friendly and prompt, but the food was basically lousy. Our check was $60.10. Not worth it.

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