I Like Helping Out

I enjoy helping people. Whether it’s Scouts, St. John’s School or Church, or a number of other ways, it’s good for the soul, as they say.

I was made aware of a small service that needed to be performed. A retirement community near Heritage Hall had a number of purple martin apartments that hadn’t been cleaned in three years, and so the purple martin population was going down. The apartments were also not being able to be lowered with their pull ropes. The apartments had been put up as an Eagle project. How could I resist that?

So this afternoon, Ian and Erin and I headed over there with our ladder, and a longer extension ladder we borrowed from St. John’s. It took about four hours, between the driving and the work, but the three of us, and a couple folks from the community, got the four apartments down, replaced the pull ropes, cleaned the apartments out, and repaired the damage done by hail. We also bent a couple of the support poles to make them a bit straighter.

It was a nice afternoon, a straightforward project, good conversation, nobody got hurt, and it was successful.

All in all, a good use of part of an afternoon.

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