Joe’s American Bar and Grill, Dedham, MA

Joe's American Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Ron and I had a late lunch here this afternoon. I got a bacon cheeseburger and fries, with a starter of a cup of clam chowder. The chowder – excellent. The burger was medium well, with a couple places of charring. I had asked for some mayo, but it took another request to get it after the meal was delivered. The burger was pretty darn good, with good beef flavor, and excellent texture. The fries came with four onion rings that were very good. I was not impressed with the fries – they seemed a bit tough.

The iced tea was good. Service was uneven. We had our initial order taken quickly enough, but I ran out of tea three times. In each case, our server passed the table without a glance at us. The restaurant was almost empty, and it seemed to me that there was no reason for the lack of attention.

My check was $17.78. It wasn’t bad food at all, I think I would go back again.

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