Smokey’s BBQ & Diner, Oklahoma City, OK

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Raegan had a meeting in Warr Acres tonight, so I looked for chow in the area, and saw Smokey’s. We got there around 1730.

Erin got smoked turkey and chicken with green beans and potato skins; Reagen got pulled pork and turkey; Ian got ribs; I got sliced brisket and chicken. The chicken was decent, pretty tender, but without very much flavor. The turkey was exellent, tender and with lots of flavor. The ribs were tender enough, but didn’t have much in the way of a crust, and were pretty greasy. The pulled pork was pretty good. The brisket was excellent. The sides were all at least very good, except we all thought the green beans had too much black pepper. The potato skins Erin got were very good, and the onion rings I got were excellent.

I was not impressed by the sauces. The mild was too sweet. The medium was a mustard-based sauce that was decent. The hot was too hot and had little flavor. I tried mixing mild and hot, and took one bite and that was it. That needs to be worked on; I would focus on the mild.

We got to try the potato chips that are made right there at Smokey’s, and they were very good! We also got to try the peanut butter and chocolate pie – WOW! That was some great dessert.

The iced tea was excellent. Service was prompt and very courteous. We got a lot of pretty good food for a decent price. Our check was $62.07. I look forward to going back.


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One Response to “Smokey’s BBQ & Diner, Oklahoma City, OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    The smoked turkey was excellent, as were the shaved potato chips. The peanut butter pie is excellent; it’s like a frozen Reese’s cup. Staff was very nice and helpful. Good place!

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