National Republicans Failure to Govern, AGAIN

Sequestration is closer and closer.

Republicans, “led” by Boehner and Cantor, like to get in front of the cameras and say stuff like “the President needs to [lead or provide a plan or provide a budget]”. They also like to claim that sequestration is “the Presidents plan”.

All of this is bullcrap. The President has a plan for avoiding sequestration on the White House website, and in the 2013 Budget.

The claim that sequestration is the Presidents plan is not relevant. The Republicans voted on it, along with the Democrats, and it was signed by the President. Both parties agreed to it.

This is just like the last election. Romney and Ryan talked a lot about tax changes and budget changes, but never proposed any details about what they wanted to change and cut. Boehner talked a lot about how the President didn’t have a plan then either, but purusing the White House website found specifics easily.

Why to Republicans do this? I’ve seen speculation that they want the President to “go first” so the Republicans can then criticize him. They don’t seem to want to negotiate, just try to score cheap political points. It’s for darn sure they don’t want to govern.

And still no one in the media (that I have heard) has asked the question of Boehner and Cantor: where were your spending objections when the two wars were kicked off using the national credit card? And where were they when the Bush tax cuts were enacted without any corresponding decrease in spending?

National Republicans are dishonorable.

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