Benton’s Cafe, Shawnee, OK

Benton's Cafe on Urbanspoon

This was a wonderful find! Last Saturday, Ian and Erin and I were coming back from St. Crispin’s and needed lunch, so I picked Benton’s from UrbanSpoon. We got there around 1300 and left about an hour later.

First, let me reflect. Growing up (still an on-going process…), my family would take road trips all over eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. We would invariably eat lunch or dinner at cafes that were in the downtown areas of the small towns we passed through or visited. Granny’s Kitchen in Stillwater was a similar place for me in college. Benton’s seems to be the same.

The kids got cheeseburgers. I tried a bite of Erin’s; it was wonderful. A great burger. I got a blue plate special, CFS with mashers and pinto beans as sides. The meal came with a salad of chopped lettuce and house dressing (which was very close to ranch; it was a little pinkish, like it was a ranch and thousand island mix). There was not a scrap of anything left. The CFS was perfect, a 10. Clearly hand breaded, wonderful taste, fork tender all the way, and excellent cream gravy. We got some pie to go (pecan and chocolate creme), also very good.

Service. You can’t call what we got in Benton’s service. It was more like having dinner at a friends house; your friends family sets the table and brings the food. I felt very much at home here. I sort of wanted to wash the dishes.

The iced tea was excellent. Our check was something south of $30 (I can’t find the credit card receipt). This place could easily become a favorite of mine, except we don’t get to Shawnee very often. I intend to go back, often as I can.


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