Kaiser’s, Oklahoma City, OK

Kaiser's American Bistro on Urbanspoon

We’ve been by Kaiser’s many times, but don’t get downtown that often. Yesterday, we were near downtown, and looking for lunch, and Raegan suggested trying Kaiser’s. After the obligatory 360+ turn around the traffic circle in front, we had lunch!

We got there right at noon. It was pretty busy.

Erin just got potato soup; it was very good. Raegan got potato soup and a half turkey and swiss on a croissant. She liked it. She also got vanilla soda and liked that as well. I got the two-piece fried chicken, all light (the default is one light and one dark piece). The chicken pieces were pretty small, half the size of some chicken pieces. Given that, while the first couple bites of each piece were very good, the chicken was overcooked. It was a bit stringy also. I was literally hungry again in a couple hours after the meal. The mashers were great, as were the green beans. The gravy was some of the best I’ve hed recently; I got some extra to dip the chicken into. Loved that gravy. I got a vanilla bean shake that I really liked.

The iced tea was OK; it was China Mist. Sevice was OK. Our check was $37.45.

That chicken had some real potential, but it was small and overcooked. If it had been cooked just a couple minutes less, I think it could have been perfect. The pieces needed to be a bit larger also.

I look forward to another visit, and I will try their burger next.

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