McAlister’s Deli, Midwest City, OK

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This is a new restaurant in Midwest City! I got to have lunch here with my friend Harold Thursday for the pre-grand-opening sneak peak.

We got there at 1245 and shut the place down (i.e. left at 1400, the closing time for the sneak preview). McAlister’s was giving free meals to uniformed military (hooray for McAlister’s!), and to the Midwest City CoC, and somehow I got an invitation.

Harold got a French Dip, while I got a bacon backed potato. Both were excellent! I have never had a McAlister’s potato, and really liked this one. It was large and cooked all the way through. It came with about half a pig of bacon ( 🙂 ), and some butter. “Our” server (there were a number of folks circulating around, but she adopted our table) brought some extra, and also kept our tea refilled, and otherwise was super nice and pleasant (as was the entire crew).

I’m glad this McAlister’s is open, it is a perfect lunch spot and near work. I will be eating a lot of meals there.


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