El Sombrero, The Village, OK

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There used to be an El Sombrero in Midwest City (at least 5 years ago), but it closed. I liked it; I used to get a meal that was basically fajitas all mixed up with the rice and beans, and that didn’t need tortillas to eat (I do that I lot at other places still). I notice other locations as I drive around town. Last night, we decided to try to try the location in The Village, near Johnnie’s.

Raegan got a chicken chimi, I got ground beef enchiladas, and Ian and Erin got soft tacos. We started the meal with some beef and bean nachos. These had a heck of a lot of meat and not a whole lot of beans. More on this shortly.

Raegan and the kids liked their meals and scarfed them down, except that the chimi was way more than Raegan could eat, so Ian finished it for her. The queso was served hot (very nice), and the salsa was pretty good, and quite spicy. I mixed a couple spoons of the salsa into the queso; that was good stuff.

My enchiladas, and the nachos, were OK. They had a shared problem in that the beef was bland. Seriously bland. It had almost no texture to it, and little flavor. That being said, it all got eaten. I used some of my queso/salsa on both nachos and enchiladas, to good effect. The other stuff was good (beans, etc.).

I am not an expert by any means on the “real” food of other countries. I have heard that true Mexican cooking is bland, so that might be what I am seeing here. I need to seek out some education in this area.

Regardless, El Sombrero was good. Service was right on the money, the tea was good. Our check was $46.15, not bad value. I would like to try another location and see if the enchiladas are the same.


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