Pigskin’s BBQ, Ada, OK

Pigskin's BBQ on Urbanspoon

This was great stuff! I was in Ada judging the state Science Fair, and we usually eat in the ECU cafeteria, but they changd the format this year, and we finished judging at 1300, so I found Pigskin’s. I got there just after 1300 and left at 1400.

First of all, I had a HUGE amount of food. I ordered the “Linebacker”, which is a three-meat, and I got ribs, chicken, and sliced brisket. All of this was excellent. The ribs were so tender they were falling apart sitting on the plate. A bit on the fatty side, but with good smoke flavor. There were two for the order. The chicken (there was LOT of it) was sliced off the bone. The chicken was moist all the way through, tender, and had decent flavor. The brisket was the highlight, though. It was lean, and great smoke flavor, and was the perfect texture. Someone put some work into that brisket.

The meal came with two sides. The beans (aside from being hotter than heck) were really good. But the fries – oh my. The fries were rough cut, and slightly seasoned, and had huge flavor. Some of the best fries I’ve ever had.

The tea was great. Service was extraordinarily friendly. I look forward to my next visit. Recommended.


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