Big Mama’s Kitchen, Omaha, NE

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I had extra time for lunch today, so I drove to NW Omaha to try Big Mama’s. Great stuff!

I had the 3-piece oven-fried chicken, all white. The breading was not really crisp enough to be “fried” chicken, it was more baked. It was excellent. The breading was coarse, and tasty, and textured. The meat was perfectly cooked, and just juicy enough; not a hint of dried-out here. The meal came with cornbread, sweet and not too crumbly, and I chose pintos as my side. They were tasty, and in a juice that was almost jet black, like you would expect in black beans. The only gripe of the meal: those beans were way salty, almost too much for me (and would be for many people).

I had sweet tea for lunch, yummy, but served in a small mason jar. My check was $14.62. Great lunch.

One side note: Big Mama’s was hosting a city council candidate forum while I was there. The debate was lively, questions from the audience were pointed and relevant. Democracy in action! That was a good way to spend a lunch hour.


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One Response to “Big Mama’s Kitchen, Omaha, NE”

  1. FoodMeOmaha Says:

    I am going there for lunch today for the first time!

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